The highly sensitive designer. Who is this person, and are they more… | by Jon Upshaw | Jan, 2024

[ad_1] Who is this person, and are they more common than we think? The highly sensitive designer has many talents, but is introverted. Image by Jon Upshaw The design community has many terms and acronyms for describing certain types of people. You’ve got the T-shaped designer, the UX Generalist, and the mythical Design Unicorn. If […]

Do businesses need conventional websites anymore? | by Michael F. Buckley | Jan, 2024

[ad_1] As third-party platforms continue to grow and enhance their capabilities, the necessity for traditional websites will diminish. Photo by Marques Thomas on Unsplash If you had asked me ten years ago if businesses need a fully-equipped website, I would have found the question absurd and responded with an emphatic yes. But nowadays, the question […]

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