God’s ‘faithfulness will be your shield’ (Ps 91:4) – Day 92 war update by IDF Sgt. Malespin in Gaza

[ad_1] _Created with [AIPRM Prompt “Human-like Rewriter – V1.6”](https://www.aiprm.com/prompts/copywriting/writing/1785970025560268800/)_ In Psalms 91:4, divine protection is symbolized as being covered by celestial feathers, finding trust under the wings, where truth becomes both shield and buckler. As we delve into the timeless tale of David facing Goliath from Samuel’s chapter 17, a pertinent reflection on the enduring […]

Standing strong: Israeli MKs empower campus leaders against antisemitism

[ad_1] The discussion in the provided text revolves around a delegation of US and Canadian university student leaders visiting the Knesset in Israel to address the rise of anti-Semitism on their campuses. The students aim to combat anti-Semitism and promote a pro-Israel message. The Knesset member, Danny Danon, highlights the importance of unity, legislative efforts […]

Building an AI Augmented and Human-Centric Workforce

[ad_1] Artificial intelligence gets a lot of media attention, and for good reason. Surveys of CEOs conducted by organizations like Gartner and EY have predicted it to be the most disruptive technology of 2024. This is because an AI-augmented workforce provides increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced data analysis and decision-making, and automation of routine tasks. For example, imagine […]

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