Arabs blame Israel for IED that killed Redwan Force Commander in South Lebanon


Against the backdrop of heightened tensions on Day 94 of the conflict, a significant development unfolded on the northern border with the killing of a senior commander in Hezbollah. Simultaneously, the IDF officially escalated its operations in the north of the Gaza Strip just hours before Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to Israel. Notably, the intensity on the ground decreased. New footage reveals a massive tunnel where Hamas manufactured long-range rockets.

Roy Sharon, our military commentator, sheds light on the identity of the individual targeted in Lebanon, a high-ranking figure in the Redwan Force within Hezbollah. This marks a notable escalation in the conflict, despite Israel not officially claiming responsibility. The deceased commander played a pivotal role in orchestrating attacks, including the IED incident at Megiddo Junction and the shooting down of the aircraft surveillance unit in Meron. His elimination holds strategic importance as pushing back the Redwan Forces beyond the Litani River is crucial for residents in the north to return.

Roy Case, head of the Arab World desk, notes that despite the significant killing, Hezbollah has not issued public threats of retaliation. While Hezbollah has acknowledged the death of Wissam al-Tawil, the Redwan Force commander, any potential response may be delayed until after his funeral. The unusual incident involved an IED beside the car rather than an aerial attack, as initially reported. Al-Tawil’s long-standing role within Hezbollah, close ties to Nasrallah, and involvement in past actions against Israel underline the impact of his demise.

Chen Biar provides a detailed report on the events, including visuals of the attack site and historical photos of al-Tawil with Hezbollah leaders. The IDF retaliated with attacks on Hezbollah targets in South Lebanon, hitting buildings and rocket launchers. There were incidents along the northern border, with anti-tank missiles hitting houses and causing injuries.

The report concludes with a statement from Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasizing Israel’s resilience and commitment to safeguarding the north. Despite diplomatic negotiations, the conflict persists, with each day bringing the possibility of total war one step closer. Additionally, the IDF took responsibility for the killing of an individual in Syria responsible for Hamas rocket launches from the region. Israel asserted its stance against such attacks, signaling a proactive approach to prevent rocket launches from Syria into Israel.


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