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So now the prodigal son says he’ll sit for a Congressional deposition after all. As you may know, the President’s boy Hunter, of whom Joe Biden is so proud, has defied two congressional subpoenas for more than a month by failing to show up for private depositions to discuss his acceptance of foreign money.

In addition, perhaps on the advice of his loopy attorneys, Hunter pulled two public stunts on Capitol Hill, embarrassing his befuddled father.

But, magically, he’s finally seen the light. As Trump haters often say: “no one is above the law.”

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Hey, Joe, you’re the president.  Tell your kid to obey the law and also, to pay all his back taxes right now!  You are the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, Joe. Figure it out.

Now, the why of all this. As best I can determine, Attorney General Merrick Garland has privately informed the White House that Hunter will be indicted for contempt of Congress if his defiance continues. Garland has no choice since he prosecuted Trump guy Steve Bannon for exactly the same thing and Bannon has been sentenced to four months in prison.

I don’t use anonymous sources so I can’t formally report the Garland story as fact. But I can tell you that’s what happened.

It’s not like the Biden father/son combo has reversed themselves for the public good. It’s selfish. They understand this entire fiasco is hurting the presidency as well as the Democratic Party, which continues to defend the hapless Hunter.

Finally, I want to inject compassion into this column which I know will anger some Republicans. Joe Biden is 81 years old and not able to process complicated situations.  But he knows his kid is being publicly humiliated and that’s got to be brutal.

Yes, you can say Joe could have ended the entire grift years ago.  He absolutely could have.

So now he’s paying for his parental dereliction of duty when it comes to Hunter.

Painful. And things will likely get worse.


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