Sound Lounge Saved From Closure After Funds Raised In 22 Hours


LONDON, UK (CelebrityAccess) – In a remarkable turn of events, The Sound Lounge, a South London grassroots music venue, has been rescued from impending closure with an extraordinary outpouring of support—garnering over £35,000 (approximately $45,500 USD) in donations within a mere 22 hours.

Founded by Keiron Marshall and his wife, Hannah White, The Sound Lounge in Sutton faced a critical juncture due to mounting bills, surging energy costs, and challenges in procuring stock. Not only a vibrant grassroots music hub, but the venue also operates as a carbon-neutral establishment, housing a plant-based café and restaurant, amplifying its significance in the community.

Marshall, in speaking with the PA News Agency, shed light on the uphill battle against escalating business costs, making it increasingly difficult to navigate financial challenges, especially compounded by the pandemic. Despite relying on food and drink sales to offset losses from cultural events, the venue found itself continually struggling to keep up.

With closure looming, the couple sought financial advice, determining that £35,000 was crucial to cover outstanding fees. However, the response to their Crowdfunder, launched on a Friday (January 5), surpassed all expectations by reaching the target in an astonishing 22 hours.

The venue had been grappling with financial hardships since the pandemic, exacerbated by a sharp increase in energy costs, causing their monthly electricity bill to soar from £750 to £3,000.

Marshall and White are now contemplating transforming The Sound Lounge into a charitable organization, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and social inclusion. Setting a stretch target of £45,000 on their Crowdfunder to aid in this transition, the initiative has already surpassed £42,000.

This uplifting saga underscores the resilience and community spirit that rallied behind The Sound Lounge, highlighting the profound impact and necessity of grassroots cultural spaces. The potential evolution into a charitable entity signifies a broader commitment to sustainability and social engagement, showcasing the enduring significance of this cultural haven.


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