Rabbit’s R1 takes a shot at creating an interface without an interface | by Olesia Vdovenko | Jan, 2024


However, the interface of Rabbit R1, as demonstrated so far, seems more conceptual. The examples of its use were clearly staged, and the presentation raised more questions than it provided answers.

While Rabbit makes bold claims, in the real world, especially among those who understand technology, there are clear concerns. The functionality of Rabbit R1 remains ambiguous, raising doubts about its ability to handle corner cases that other voice assistants struggle with, a point noted by multiple tech reviews on YouTube and media reports.

Despite these concerns, the idea of an interface-less interface, a highly intelligent assistant like Rabbit R1, is undeniably appealing. The initial order of 10,000 Rabbit R1 units sold out quickly, and even a second batch scheduled for March sold out.

We have been gradually moving towards ‘no interface’ interfaces with voice assistants, which have been improving over the years. Demand Sage reports that more…


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