Stack Restaurant Closes Permanently at Mirage


Stack permanently closed at Mirage a couple of months ago, but we missed the memo, so you’re hearing about it now because we needed something to write about today so thinks we actually do something.

Stack closed in Nov. 15, 2023, just before F1. We first heard about the closure from @360Vegas.

Stack was best known for being one of the few Las Vegas restaurants we never went to.

Never went there, but we take photos of everything, just for such occasions.

We trust no new concept will come to this space prior to Mirage becoming Hard Rock Las Vegas. (The Stack space is still available for private events.)

The resort will undergo major renovations and will reopen as Hard Rock in 2027, or possibly even 2028.

Which, we agree, sound like random years used in sci-fi movies to make it sound like the sort of distant future, but not all that far away. “Blade Runner” was set in 2019, for example. “Roller Ball” (the original, good one) was set in 2018. “Soylent Green” was set in 2022. Spoiler alert for our fellow youths: It’s people. “2001: A Space Odyssey” was set in, well, you’ll figure it out.

The transition from Mirage to Hard Rock has already started with demolition work on the resort’s animal sanctuary. The dolphins and big cats were shipped off to sanctuaries.

It’s unclear when, or if, Mirage will close for the rebrand. Rumblings from the staff (and one high-ranking tribe executive) is the resort could close after March Madness, but Mirage says no decision has been made yet.

Here’s more about the plans at Mirage, including a big-ass guitar-shaped hotel tower on the current volcano site.

With this dramatic addition to the Las Vegas Strip, the Seminole tribe is showing some pluck.

Stack is a remnant of another era in Las Vegas, when people knew what Light Group was. Light Group was a big deal in Vegas for a time, and the company opened the successful Fix at Bellagio. Stack was a sister restaurant of Fix. At the time, MGM Resorts owned Bellagio and Mirage. Hakkasan bought Light Group, then Tao Group bought Hakkasan. Don’t be impressed, we only had about 15% of this in our head, the rest was the Googles.

To help avoid wasting even more time writing about a closed restaurant, we asked ChatGPT to write a short description of Stack: “I don’t have specific information about Stack restaurant at Mirage Las Vegas in my current training data. For the most accurate and up-to-date description, I recommend checking the official website of Stack or contacting the Mirage Las Vegas directly.”

Which answers the question, “How off the radar does a restaurant need to be in order to avoid AI being up all in their business?”

Which we also asked ChatGBT, of course, “The level of attention or scrutiny a restaurant receives from AI largely depends on various factors such as its online presence, reviews, and popularity. If a restaurant maintains a low profile, limited online presence, and minimal customer reviews, it is less likely to attract significant attention from AI systems. However, it’s important to note that the extent of AI involvement can vary, and AI may still gather information from publicly available sources. Overall, maintaining a low profile and limited online footprint can reduce the chances of extensive AI scrutiny, but complete avoidance may be challenging in today’s digital age.”

Shout-out to limited online footprints!

If you were a Stack fan, have no fear. Mirage still has the excellent Heritage Steak. It used to be Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak, but as we shared first in June, 2023, Coliccio is no longer involved with the restaurant.

Farewell, Stack, we hardly knew ye, and always thought ye were a pancake restaurant, honestly.

Anticipate a metric hell-ton of new restaurant concepts at Hard Rock Las Vegas.


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