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As part of the Site Specific season of Inside Illustration Creative Practice Course, AOI members who took part created illustrations based on the briefs given by the online course presenters (something you can do too, as the briefs are available to members here – just scroll down to each session info section)

Eve Whitfield, mural mock up Nike

Eve Whitfield chose the building side mural mock up option from Greg Stubbs and Dave Bain. ‘I would love to work within brands and advertisement, so I created a prototype for Nike. I wanted to capture the different fashion styles Nike ranges to in their brand, (Hype beast, Sports and Vintage)’

Arushi Mathur, mural mock up, Being with Nature

One of Greg and Dave’s briefs asked for an image relating to ‘connecting with nature’, and Arushi Mathur took this theme for their mock up above.

Hannah Radcliffe, mural mock up

Sign painter, Hana Sunny’s session brief was ‘Select one of the following pub names and sketch out a pub swing-sign design (hanging sign), including the text. Consider how the illustration relates to the text of the pub name: Travellers Rest, Cross Keys or The Bird In Hand’ Several members responded to this, and you can see their work on the Site Specific curated Folio.


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