Japan’s SLIM spacecraft landed on the moon – but it’s having problems

[ad_1] Illustration of the SLIM spacecraft JAXA Japan’s Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) has touched down on the lunar surface. The spacecraft is not operating perfectly, but the successful landing follows a series of recent lunar landing failures by governments and commercial spaceflight firms, so it is still encouraging for the international effort to […]

‘I can’t afford to keep paying for two households’: My adult sons live rent-free in my house, while I pay for 50% of utilities in my second husband’s condo

[ad_1] In 2007, my now ex-husband and I bought a home, where we lived as a family with our two boys for just a few years before we divorced in 2009. I refinanced the house in my name, and have paid the mortgage and utilities as a single parent ever since.  In 2016, I met […]

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