The one-question surveys from Figma, LinkedIn & Google | by Rosie Hoggmascall | Jan, 2024


User research doesn’t have to take an age.

Company logos for Figma, Google and LinkedIn

A few months back, I published a collection of one-question surveys I’d come across out in the wild. I distinctly remember it took me ages to collect enough good examples to write a full article about it.

Then something weird happened…

Since then, I’ve seen SO many.

Maybe people are doing more user research (I doubt it).

Most likely its confirmation bias — i.e. once you see something once you see it everywhere. My mind was on the lookout for any survey I could see.

These slippery little things are SO hard to capture. They blend in so well I often ignore them.

But, I’ve managed to capture three excellent examples of one-question surveys from top tech companies across B2B and B2C: Figma, Google (specifically Google Search) and LinkedIn.

I’ve picked these three as they’re textbook examples of how to do user research well.

So, let’s dig in and uncover six things that make a great one-question survey design.

Favourites first: Figma.

I’m SO excited I managed to screenshot this one.

Half a year ago, I saw another one of these. But I’d already ignored it and tapped off the screen. When I went back, it was gone.

Not this time.

I was searching for an event tracking Figjam on mobile app attribution I’d created for a client. I typed ‘attribution’ into my search bar.

No results. Funny, as I could have sworn I would have written attribution in the title. Apparently not. But then something caught my eye.

Bottom right of the screen, there was a little module blending into the user experience:

Quick research question! What are your thoughts on this statement?

Finding the files I need is easy.


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