Why the new AI Pin will be a usability nightmare | by Jon Upshaw | Jan, 2024


When modern gadgets don’t solve problems and create more instead.

AI Pin as shown on the item’s website.
The AI Pin. Image Credit: https://hu.ma.ne/aipin

Our modern world seems to be great at creating “solutions” for problems that don’t exist. And, to my lack of surprise, it seems that our friendly billionaire Bill gates has endorsed this uniquely designed gadget guaranteed to make anyone who wears this eyesore an outcast at any social gathering.

What Is The AI Pin?

AI Pin’s price and order options.
AI Pin Price Point. Image Credit: https://hu.ma.ne/aipin

Developed by hu.ma.ne, the AI Pin is the newest and most recent addition to AI interface technology. This small device is normally pinned to the front of your shirt and features voice-based AI tools that allow you to search for music, send texts, and track your macronutrient intake. The device promises an intuitive voice-based interface that can be quickly summoned with the press of the finger on its flat surface.

The AI Pin is a device designed for what Bill Gates calls a future where no apps will be needed to complete daily tasks. Personally, I see AI Pin as being a bit before their time on this one. I’ll explain why in a few reasons.

The AI Pin’s Beacon Isn’t Easy To See


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