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We regularly commission new cover designs for the AOI Client Directories, and loving her 3D images and animation, we asked AOI Member Eva Münnich to come up with some fun characters to grace our digital publications.

The Directories are a convenient and affordable reference source for illustrators sending out samples of work to commissioners. They include details of mainly UK commissioners (some outside the UK) interested in sourcing illustration for the Advertising, Editorial and Publishing sectors.

Eva tells us more about her covers below:

Eva Münnich, AOI Client Directories x3

We asked you to create images with the initial letters for each Directory. What was your concept behind the covers?

I loved this project! It was so much fun to come up with the little letter characters. They each impersonate their category. A is a hip dude with a flashy coat and cool sneakers. E is a soft character absorbed into drawing on his tablet and P is a little bookworm with cute glasses. 

You work in a variety of media, including ceramics and animation. What’s important to think about when you are using different media? Are there different creative processes for these?

Each media has a bit of a different approach. For animation, a 3D character has to work from every angle and has to be built with a clean and reduced 3D geometry for it to be rigged and animated. Whereas for a 3D illustration the character only has to work in one camera angle and it doesn’t matter if the mesh is too dense or not clean as long, as it looks good. Transferring a 2D sketch into 3D is always really fun and sometimes poses interesting challenges simply because it has to work in a physically correct space. 

A selection of Eva’s ceramic characters

Ceramics for me is another way to explore how my characters can work in 3D space. But it is more direct since I shape the clay with my hands rather than a mesh in a 3D software. Interestingly my 3D and ceramic characters follow the same building logic. They’re combined out of base geometric shapes like capsules and spheres. I’m working on combining this approach with more organic sculpting in my ceramics to explore a more direct and spontaneous way of creating. This then might feed back into my digital work – which is really exciting. 

A for Advertising

You’ve purchased a Directory in the past. Have you found them useful?

Yes I did! I used it to research contacts that might be interested in seeing my work. It was a good starting point to then widen the search for more agency or direct contacts on LinkedIn and Instagram. I now have a big list that I can reach out to. 

E for Editorial

You’ve been an AOI member for a while (thank you!). Which benefits or resources have been most helpful for you?

I find the workshops and courses super helpful! I’ve done lots of them over the years about licensing illustrations, negotiating contracts, how to figure out prices and how to approach clients. The themed practical illustration courses are great to explore what other directions my work might take or just to play and think about different contexts and approaches for my illustrations. 

P for Publishing

Thank you so much Eva!

The 2023 Directory editions were published in November 2023 and contain over 300 contacts. Go here for more details.

The Directories are delivered by email as a PDF and separate Excel spreadsheets, making it quick and easy for you to research and contact each possible client.


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