Colin Mochrie’s “Hyprov” Mercifully Closes at Harrah’s


There’s been so much great news in Las Vegas lately!

Zowie Bowie was fired at Fremont Street Experience, the plug has been pulled on the All-Net Resort project, Taylor Swift’s team is going to win the Super Bowl, all that.

This might top them all, however. “Hyprov” at Harrah’s Las Vegas has quietly closed. Or as it’s sometimes called, “euthanization.”

A.I. can do improvisers, can’t get hands right. Like “Westworld.” Which turned out well.

“Hyprov” was a brave concept: Combine hypnosis and improv.

The show did both poorly, but props for the noble effort.

Our biggest qualm about the show, other than it not being entertaining, was it would often promote its co-creator, Colin Mochrie, as appearing in the show when he wasn’t actually in it most of the time.

We love Colin Mochrie. We love “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” “Hyprov,” not so much.

Basically, the show put forth the premise people who aren’t trained in improv will be able to perform improv when hypnotized.

Even people who are trained in improv often aren’t great at improv. Even the best improv performers only kill it a small percentage of the time, at best. Write a script, already. Showing off how quick-witted you are isn’t entertainment, it’s masturbation. Stop asking us to pay to watch you masturbating. A joke made up on on the spot by an improviser is rarely funnier than a crafted, thoughtful joke, sorry. Improv is a perfectly acceptable workshop for creating jokes, but it’s not the finished product. Discover jokes, then write the good ones down (about 10% in a good improv performance) and rehearse them. That’s a show. Spontaneity is overrated, like Golden Steer and female orgasms.

“Hyprov” was doomed from the start.

Beyond the bait-and-switch billing, half the show was watching people be hypnotized. It was like watching paint dry, but without the suspense.

There were lots of rumors about the show using “plants,” but doubt that’s true, because it would’ve been better.

We reached out to “Hyprov” via their Web site to confirm the show has closed, but haven’t heard back yet. There are, however, clues.

Cue the happy trombone.

Granted, the bar for shows like “Hyprov” is lower because tourists often drink heavily or indulge in substances on vacation, and interactive productions like this give them permission to act silly in public and they’re easily amused.

Again, people under the influence of things (even professional comedians) aren’t funnier when they’re drunk or on drugs, except to themselves. Just ask Eddie Griffin. Long story, but there’s a reason his Las Vegas residency came to an abrupt halt overnight. It’s much worse than you can imagine.

You know what show would’ve been better than “Hyprov”? Colin Mochrie. Doing whatever.

Alas, we got a cringeworthy, inconsistent money grab using false advertising as a lure.

If we hear any more great news, you know we’ll pass it along!


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