scarlet veil Releases Mesmerizing Wave Single “Strings”


scarlet veil is truly a visionary electronic duo, consisting of Brandi Overstreet and Jerrod Tyler. Together, they have developed a spellbinding allure since their start and today have released their new single “Strings”.

With an entrancing introduction, “Strings” explodes into an uptempo, ethereal dance tune, captivating the senses from start to finish. This track serves as the third teaser from their upcoming album, Every Fantasy, which promises a captivating exploration of imagination and allure. “Strings” ventures beyond their established fantasy motifs to delve into themes ranging from science and science-fiction to personal aspirations and dreams. With “Strings,” scarlet veil invites listeners on a journey of discovery and exploration.

Brandi sheds light on the track’s inspiration, stating, “‘Strings’ started out with the intention of creating a more upbeat track that brought some more energy. The lead synth reminded us of the X-Files and it was written around the time when all of the UFO excitement was playing out, during the congressional hearings, the tic tac video, and secret records speculation. The collective craziness of that time bled into what we were doing and loosely inspired the direction.

Listen below!


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