Design modeling canvas: methodological background | by Alexander Pryshyvalka | Mar, 2024

[ad_1] “Designing is about exploring what is possible tomorrow instead of solving the problems of today. Rather than looking at the world in terms of problems, we feel it is much more productive and challenging to look for possibilities and opportunities to contribute to the lives, dreams, habits, peculiarities and goal of people, whether they […]

Welcome to the Liminal Economy: from more volume to more interesting | by Johan Liedgren, Founder of The Liminal Circle. | Mar, 2024

[ad_1] Today, the transactional nature of large businesses define and drive our measurement of growth. More revenue, more volume, more profits or more customers etc. It is the scalable efficiency of user interactions that fuel the corporate machine. This assumes predictability, ubiquity and uniformity: the opposite of what we need to feel alive. And the […]

Taylor Swift Urges Tennessee Fans to Vote in Presidential Primary – Hollywood Life

[ad_1] View gallery Image Credit: Don Arnold/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management Taylor Swift is urging her fans in Tennessee — and everywhere else — to vote in the upcoming presidential primary election amid Super Tuesday. The international pop icon, 34, took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, March 5, to pen a statement, encouraging […]

‘Selling every can of Pringles we can make’: Pringles demand surge forces manufacturer to expand in Asia

[ad_1] Kellanova can’t keep up with Pringles demand from hungry snackers across the globe. “We’re selling every can of Pringles we can make,” Chief Executive Officer Steve Cahillane said Tuesday in Chicago. He spoke at an event downtown hosted by the Executives’ Club of Chicago. “We’re opening new factories in Asia and Mexico even as […]

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