Optimising the design system with Figma’s variables

[ad_1] Primitive variables What are primitive variables? Primitive variables are the values of the most basic, foundational elements that we’ve selected to agree to use. Advantages of primitive variables Fast Design Decisions: You can make design decisions within the selected values without considering all other values. Best Practices for Engineering PerformanceAny pixel sizes like 1px, […]

The universal color palette. Supporting a global design system at… | by Kevin Muldoon | Mar, 2024

[ad_1] In late 2023, Brad Frost proposed the creation of a Global Design System to provide a common library of web UI components for the world to use. The Global Design System should handle 80% or more of common UI needs, not be prescriptive to any particular aesthetic look/feel, and be accessible, themeable, interoperable, extensible, […]

Measuring the experience of AI. Finding emergent relevance during… | by Ammar Halabi | Mar, 2024

[ad_1] There are many answers to this question, from UX frameworks, methods, job descriptions, strategy exercises, design guidelines and more. I’ll just pick one. Having addressed the macro-level question of relevance, I’d like to visit the other end and make a practical, micro-level contribution. I’ll show how we’ve measured UX in an AI-driven content recommender, […]

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