Netanyahu criticizes Biden, calling accusation that he’s harming Israel ‘false’.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to heightened criticism from the US administration regarding Israel’s handling of the Gaza war, emphasizing that the policies he pursued were not solely his own but were supported by the majority of Israelis. He dismissed the notion that he was pursuing private policies against the wishes of most Israelis, asserting that Israelis backed the IDF’s actions in Gaza to dismantle Hamas and opposed the establishment of a Palestinian Authority in Gaza or a Palestinian state imposed upon them.

Netanyahu highlighted the perceived threat of another large-scale attack similar to the October 7 incident, emphasizing that defeating Hamas in Gaza was essential for Israel’s security and the region’s stability. He argued against the portrayal of his policies as contrary to the interests of Israel, stating that the vast majority of Israelis understood and supported the measures taken.

The exchange of criticisms between Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden reflected growing tensions between Israel and the US over the conduct of Israel’s military campaign against Hamas in Gaza. While Biden affirmed the US’s unwavering support for Israel’s defense, he also expressed concerns about civilian casualties and the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Biden emphasized the need for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid, urging Israel to consider the implications of its military actions on innocent lives.

Regarding US efforts to increase humanitarian assistance to Gaza, Biden outlined plans for constructing a floating pier for cargo ships off the Gaza coast, airdropping supplies, and pressuring Israel to open another crossing into Gaza. He emphasized the urgency of addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and called for a ceasefire with a prisoner exchange to pave the way for rebuilding efforts and eventual normalization between Israel and Arab countries.

Overall, the statements reflected the complex dynamics between Israel and the US amid ongoing military operations in Gaza, with both leaders navigating domestic and international pressures while seeking to advance their respective interests and objectives.


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