“You cannot claim to support Israel’s objective of destroying Hamas, then oppose Israel when it takes the necessary actions.”


Amid escalating tensions with the White House, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed AIPAC delegates gathered in Washington, expressing gratitude for the support received from President Biden and his administration, while emphasizing Israel’s determination to prevail in the ongoing conflict.

Netanyahu asserted that Israel is committed to winning the war against Hamas, emphasizing the necessity of IDF operations in Rafah to prevent Hamas from regrouping and posing a renewed threat to Israel.

He criticized Israel’s allies, stating that they cannot claim to support Israel’s right to self-defense while opposing actions taken to exercise that right, or condemn Hamas while criticizing Israel’s efforts to combat the terrorist organization.

Netanyahu also addressed the issue of civilian casualties, arguing that Israel is unfairly held to a higher standard than other countries when it comes to civilian casualties resulting from Hamas’s use of human shields.

He reaffirmed Israel’s resilience in the face of international pressure, stating that such pressures will not deter Israel from fulfilling its objectives.

In a veiled message to President Biden, Netanyahu highlighted the support of the American people and Congress for Israel’s cause.

The AIPAC conference, attended by over 1,600 activists, also featured speeches from prominent figures including Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Charles Chuck Schumer, and Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.


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