BREAKING: Israel FEARS Ramadan Violence; U.S. BEGINS Building Aid Port In Gaza


Today marks the 156th day of the ongoing war against Hamas, coinciding with the first day of Ramadan, a month of religious significance and reflection for Muslims worldwide. However, tensions remain high in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas.

In response to the escalating situation, the United States has announced plans to construct a temporary floating port on the shores of Gaza to facilitate the transfer of essential supplies, including food, water, and medical aid. This initiative aims to bypass Hamas and ensure that aid reaches the civilian population of Gaza.

Meanwhile, Hamas continues to escalate the situation, endangering the lives of civilians in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli security forces are on high alert, particularly in Jerusalem’s Old City and the Temple Mount area, to prevent potential violence and unrest during this sensitive period.

Additionally, IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hargari has emphasized the importance of dismantling Hamas brigades in Rafah to ensure the safe distribution of aid in the northern Gaza Strip. However, the logistical challenges and political complexities surrounding aid distribution remain significant hurdles to overcome.

In southern Gaza, the IDF continues its efforts to combat Hamas terrorists, with recent operations resulting in the elimination of terrorist squads and the discovery of weapons caches. Major Amishi B. David of the OS unit, who was killed in action, is remembered as an Israeli hero, along with Major Mikel Gal, who also fell defending the country.

As the physical war against Hamas persists, there is a growing need to combat misinformation and share the truth about the situation. TBN Israel remains dedicated to keeping viewers informed about Israel-focused news, culture, and spiritual developments.

In conclusion, your support and prayers for the peace of Jerusalem are invaluable as Israel navigates through these challenging times. Together, we can stand united in our efforts to promote peace, truth, and understanding in the region.


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