Gallant says that Palestinians with ties to the Palestinian Authority are the least bad option for Gaza rulers, but he is lambasted by fellow Likud ministers.


During a security cabinet meeting today, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant proposed that local Palestinians affiliated with the Palestinian Authority (PA) would be the best option for governing Gaza, according to reports from Channel 13.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, has largely rejected this idea, instead advocating for clans not aligned with Hamas or the PA, despite widespread understanding that this approach is impractical.

Gallant outlined several potential scenarios for Gaza’s future during the meeting. He characterized continued Hamas rule as the worst option, with the alternative of permanent Israeli occupation requiring significant resources and potentially leading to heightened tensions on other fronts.

Another possibility Gallant mentioned was ongoing chaos in Gaza, similar to the recent aid convoy incident, which would attract international pressure and necessitate continued Israeli involvement.

According to Gallant, the least unfavorable option would involve local Palestinians governing the Strip, albeit without Hamas in power. This arrangement would involve some degree of coordination with the PA in Ramallah.

Gallant’s stance drew criticism from fellow Likud ministers Miri Regev and Yariv Levin, who accused him of favoring the Palestinian Authority. Gallant responded by highlighting the toll that governmental indecision on the issue has taken on IDF soldiers.


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