Tablescaping 101: My Quick guide


Whether it’s for a fabulous dinner party or just a simple Tuesday night in with a glass of wine, a well-designed tablescape can instantly elevate your dining experience.

1. Start with a Vision: Take a moment to think about the overall mood and theme you want to convey. Are you going for a romantic and dreamy vibe or a bold and vibrant setting? I find this step incredibly helpful: I lay out the crockery and linens I plan on using and then style them together trying our different combinations until I find the one I love.

Tablescaping 101 - Styling the vision

2. Bring on the Layers: A tablescape needs layers, you know I am a big fan (even when it comes to clothes!) Start with a beautiful tablecloth as your base, add placemats, and then layer on charger plates, dinner plates, and smaller accent plates. Mix and match different textures, colours, and patterns.

Tablescaping 101 - layering

6. Have Fun with Tableware: Ditch boring white dishes and sets! Instead have some fun mixing and matching different plates, vintage glasses, and unique cutlery. This will really make a statement and add a personal touch to your tablescape.

Tablescaping 101 - layering

Tablescaping 101 - layering

4. The Power of Napkins: Fold them in a cool shape, tie them with a beautiful velvet ribbon, or a textured wicker ring or knot them! They will add a lovely pop of colour and interest to your tablescape.


5. Let There Be Light: Lighting is key to creating the right ambience. I always like to add a mix of candles of different heights across the table. Then, depending on the theme and type of dinner party you’re having, dim the lights to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, or opt for brighter lighting for a more lively gathering.

6. Don’t Forget the Centerpiece: A big statement vase with flowers and branches will never get old but if you feel like experimenting, try using unexpected elements like fresh fruits, mini succulents or interesting objects as the centrepiece – I find these bold choices to be great conversation starters.




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