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That situation was finally exposed with troubling clarity. So, what else is being censored?

Well, how about traditional and conservative voices on network TV talk shows? This “conspiracy” dwarfs the Hunter masking.

There are three network morning programs and five late-night gabfests. When was the last time you saw a right-leaning person on any of them?

Fox News has many famous personalities who are smart and entertaining. No invites.

Mark Levin had a huge bestselling book last fall. Did he get any network airtime? No.

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton reach millions on radio, and so does Glenn Beck. Ever see them on Good Morning America? The Tonight Show? Today?

No, you don’t. Yet liberal pundits and authors are booked extensively.

This is not an accident, nor has it always been this way.


Over the years, I have visited network programs 78 times. The appearances almost always went well, and ratings for the shows were high as my crew watched, jacking up their usual audiences.

My chats with David Letterman and Jon Stewart are legendary. If you want a few laughs, Google them.

That all stopped in November 2016, and it was not an accident. Network chieftains went ballistic after Trump’s election. There has always been a collective mindset at the television networks, but now the ban was on; any pundit not despising Donald Trump need not apply.

So, for almost eight years, only liberal commentators are welcome on the talk shows. This, of course, is censorship at the highest levels.

If you follow me, you know I am not a conspiracy guy. From JFK’s assassination to Barack Obama’s birth certificate to fraudulent voting machine allegations, I have debunked them all. I well understand the conspiracy game is designed to get attention and make money.

But the traditional/conservative blacklist is real and affects American culture in a negative way. Millions of Americans who do not closely follow the news are presented with nonstop left-wing opinions on morning and late-night TV.

The result is a normalization of pernicious policies such as little punishment for criminals, racial preferences, and abortion with no limits. Woke culture dominates because of the now heavily restrictive entertainment industry.

Some may disagree with my reporting in this column, but I have the facts to back it up. The subject might even make an interesting TV discussion.

You won’t see it on the networks.

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