IDF launches pre-planned operation in Gaza’s Shifa hospital, heavy clashes reported.


The IDF’s reinvasion of Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza commenced around 2:30 a.m. early Monday morning and involved a coordinated effort by IDF Division 162 regular infantry, armor units, special forces, the Shin Bet, and IDF intelligence collection Unit 504.

While the IDF claimed to have taken the group of terrorists by surprise upon their return to Shifa, it stated that it had previously issued a general warning to the medical staff and had been monitoring the terrorists’ activities for an extended period.

According to the IDF, the operation had been planned over several days, with the timing chosen to maximize the element of surprise and catch Hamas off guard. The decision to seize control of the hospital during Ramadan and amidst heightened criticism from the US regarding the humanitarian situation was not elaborated upon by the IDF in terms of strategic timing.


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