If Hamas remains in Gaza, it’ll “regroup and reconquer.”


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Jerusalem, describing their conversation as “very serious” and “important among friends.”

“We also agreed that Hamas has to be eliminated,” Netanyahu stated, expressing concerns that allowing the terror group to remain in Gaza could lead to further violence and repetition of past massacres.

During the meeting, Netanyahu mentioned that Chancellor Scholz urged Israel to do more to protect civilians in Gaza and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid. Netanyahu highlighted Israel’s efforts to protect civilians while facing challenges posed by Hamas’s use of human shields and urban warfare.

Chancellor Scholz, on his third trip to Israel since the conflict erupted, conveyed Germany’s solidarity with the Israeli people and emphasized Israel’s right to self-defense. However, he also expressed concerns over the high Palestinian death toll and called for efforts to minimize civilian casualties.

The conflict in Gaza escalated after Hamas’s October 7 attack, which resulted in significant casualties and the seizure of hostages, mostly civilians. Both leaders discussed the ongoing efforts to address the humanitarian crisis and restore stability in the region.


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