Night We Met To Provide Elevated, Sustainable Nightclub Experience In Nashville


Nashville might be the home of country music, but in recent years, it has also become a hub for some of the best electronic and underground acts. Promoter, DJ, and talent buyer Austin Knight has been instrumental in nurturing the city’s dynamic electronic music scene through his work at Full Circle Presents. His parents, Jim and Allison Knight, owners of Night We Met and co-owners of Deep Tropics: Music, Art & Style Festival, have also played a crucial role in the city’s burgeoning electronic music landscape – which leads us to their lates venture.

Night We Met will be the first nightclub of its kind in the Music City. It promises to be unlike anything Nashville has seen before, offering a truly elevated experience featuring two rooms (Club Room & Vera Lounge), meticulously curated art installations, the prestigious Void acoustics sound system and so much more. With aim to be the greenest nightclub in the USA, Night We Met will feature a zero-waste program including composting, recycling, and no single-use plastics. Additionally, they will implement a sustainable cocktail program, focusing on locally sourced ingredients and a commitment to minimizing unnatural additives, ensuring patrons can enjoy sophisticated twists on popular drinks without compromising on taste or environmental responsibility.

They’ve curated an exciting lineup so far, featuring tech house purveyor Kyle Watson for the grand opening on March 29, Demuir on April 5, Mikey Lion on April 12, and plenty more.

The Knights hope to plant Night We Met’s flag in the ground as a premier dance music destination in the South, and given all of this info, we’re sure this will be a resounding success.


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