Rich Furniss Releases Massive Single ‘Release Yourself’ featuring James Patterson & Terry Hunter


Rich Furniss had a massive 2023 filled with sold-out shows and buzzworthy releases. RIch was able to work in a direct support spot for Never Dule at Kings Hall in Brooklyn, while only a few short weeks ago in 2024, Furniss was invited to open for Austin Millz at Webster Hall (Sold Out) – a major moment which has only solidified his notoriety on another level. This only scratches the surface regarding the lexicon of projects and ventures Rich Furniss has been pursuing while simultaneously holding the position as president at Sound Collective in New York.

Now, he’s back with his biggest release to date, “Release Yourself” collaborater James Patterson and the iconic Terry Hunter. “Release Yourself” channels the nostalgic essence of house music’s golden era, blending soulful vocals, hypnotic percussion, and a comforting melody in a captivating arrangement. It’s an ideal addition to any DJ’s live set, designed to elevate the crowd’s experience and evoke the euphoria of peak enjoyment while honoring the essence of house music culture.

Check it out below!


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