Dive into service design with the help of a generative AI coach | by Yaron Cohen | Mar, 2024


Generative AI will not replace humans in teaching service design but it can help you apply service design concepts in practice

A human hand and a robotic hand create a flowchart together on a piece of paper.
A human and an AI working together on a service architecture. Image created by author using Dall-E.

I’ve heard many opinions about service design in recent years, and it’s quite evident that there’s a big disagreement on what service design means among members of the global design community. I believe it’s due to the nature of its abstract concepts.

Some designers with a more old-school visual design background might not consider service design as “design” at all. Meanwhile, others who were either schooled in certain parts of Europe where service design was developed since the 1990s, or by schools around the world that taught them to use design thinking to design processes and services, could easily see a lot of value in it (Look into the four orders of design by Buchanan where the design of services is mentioned).

Many of us, design professionals, are familiar with certain service design tools such as customer journey mapping, and service blueprints. However, the truth is that service design is a way of thinking that goes beyond just using these tools, and it takes time to…


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