In the first recording since October 7, Hamas military chief urges Muslims ‘to liberate Al-Aqsa.’


Muhammad Deif, the commander of Hamas’s military wing, has released a short audio recording urging Muslims to join the fight to “liberate Al-Aqsa.” This marks his first public statement since October 7, when he announced the “Al-Aqsa Flood” attack against Israel, resulting in significant casualties and hostages.

In the 35-second recording aired today, Deif addresses Muslims in various Arab and Muslim countries, urging them to march towards Palestine without delay. He emphasizes the importance of participating in jihad and the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, quoting a verse from the Quran to emphasize the urgency of the cause.

Deif, known as a shadowy figure and wanted by Israel since 1995, has survived multiple assassination attempts and is believed to be hiding in tunnels under Gaza. He is considered to have played a central role in orchestrating the October 7 massacre in southern Israel.

His message echoes similar calls from other Hamas leaders, such as Khaled Mashal, who recently urged global Muslim support for Hamas’s struggle, emphasizing solidarity with the Palestinian cause.


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