How AI will elevate human creativity (if we don’t kill it first) | by Beth J | Mar, 2024


AI will turn everything on its head, but one thing could be a constant.

man standing with projector displaying “escape the ordinary” covering his face.
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There has always been a tension between the strengths of the machine and the strengths of the human. But our mistake is that they are not at odds with each other; rather, we are at odds with ourselves.

AI is advancing rapidly. It’s outpacing governmental regulation and our human ability to consider its wide-reaching ethical implications.

Right now, we’re seeing AI in its infancy stage, and it’s already pretty damn impressive. It’s so good that we already feel threatened by it. Whether those are valid fears or not is TBD. But if this is AI as a baby, imagine its capabilities as an adult.

Will AI take over the world? — Likely not in the traditional sense.

Will AI take my job? — Definitely a possibility, depending on your job.

AI, like other new technology we’ve created, will change the landscape of how we live, work, and think. While it’s a new tool with new capabilities, its disruption isn’t dissimilar to advancements we’ve had in the past. It will improve some things, worsen others, and drastically change what we know to be possible.


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