World War Z Aftermath gets a new free update and a weird YouTube vid


Just in time for the Easter weekend’s activities, World War Z Aftermath is getting a brand-new free monster DLC. The patch adds six unique mutators to Challenge Horde Mode and introduces nine new weapon perks, along with four extra prestige perks for each class. This means players have 32 new perks to explore and acquire.

  • The “Thrill of the Kill” update introduces a brand-new set of six mutators for Challenge Horde Mode:
  • Anthrax: Special zombies leave a poisonous cloud upon death which can infect players.
  • Toss a Coin: Receive 10 supplies after killing a special zombie with a melee attack.
  • No Deliveries: All defenses and supplies in the store will be restricted.
  • Banshee: Screamer shouts deal 10% health damage at any distance.
  • Gladiators: The player who kills the most zombies during the wave earns additional resources.
  • Sinusitis: The Infector’s spitting distance is doubled, so watch out!
  • Nine new weapon perks are also available to enhance different aspects of your gameplay, including damage counters, reload speed, melee stamina, and more.

In addition, there are four fresh prestige perks for each existing class to acquire (32 in total), so grab your weapon of choice and take on the horde.

In slightly weirder news the devs have also decided to rigg on the hugely popular Lo-Fi Girl YouTube channel that plays laid-back beats for you to chill out and study to, with their own WWZ version. Instead of LFG sitting at a table like we are used to we get a zombie slouched there and, despite promising beats, we get six hours of zombie snarls and growls, probably still fuming at the debacle that was The Day Before. It did make us smile, but you won’t want to be using this to drift off to sleep with by any measure.


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