Netanyahu to be discharged from hospital tomorrow and is recovering well from hernia surgery.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow afternoon and is recovering well after undergoing successful hernia surgery at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem last night, his office says in a statement.

The statement adds that the prime minister is feeling well enough to continue holding meetings and consultations from the hospital.

Reporting on the statement, Channel 12 news says that “according to all assessments,” Netanyahu, who was under full sedation for the surgery, “was supposed to be discharged today” and perhaps even this morning.

Skepticism has intensified regarding Netanyahu’s health since he had a pacemaker fitted last year. Doctors later revealed that he had suffered a potentially life-threatening “transient heart block,” and had a heart conduction problem for years.

The TV report highlights several instances from last night’s press conference when Netanyahu uncharacteristically stumbled over words.

“We’ve never seen him like that,” says anchor Rafi Reshef.

Political reporter Daphna Liel says that even if one assumes that, “this time, nothing is being hidden from us,” it was a mistake for him to hold the press conference, ostensibly intended to show that he was in robust health, when it would have been better for him to rest before the operation.


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