Biden Disengaged – Bill’s Message of the Day


President Biden was 90 minutes late to deliver his address on the Hamas war. In the speech, he did not mention Iran, which is the driving force behind Hamas, supplying the terror group with weapons and money. Hamas does not have weapon-making capability. Some entity has to give the assassins rockets and guns so women and children can be murdered.

The reason Biden neglected to mention Iran is the same reason he doesn’t confront Mexico over drug and people smuggling: the President is afraid. He doesn’t want confrontation or problems of any kind. He looks away from the border madness, social disorder in the cities, and high consumer prices for working Americans.

In short, Joe Biden doesn’t even try to solve problems because he doesn’t really care about them. Too complicated. His catch-all solution is more federal spending.

The worst President in history, James Buchanan, operated the same way. While the South abused federal property and personnel leading up to the Civil War, Buchanan did absolutely nothing.

Joe Biden will go down in history as the most progressive-left President ever. Every move he takes is designed to placate this group which despises Israel.

In a troubled world, Joe Biden really doesn’t want to engage. See no evil.

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