Immerse Yourself in Christina Aguilera at Venetian


A longstanding rumor has been confirmed. Christina Aguilera will have a residency at Voltaire inside the Venetian.

The singer posted on social media, “Immerse yourself in the fusion of art and music. I’m bringing an intimate, seductive and sophisticated new show to Las Vegas. Voltaire Las Vegas will allow me to be up-close-and-personal with you for a truly modern twist on the performance experience, tickets on sale Friday!”

The chances of that post on Twitter/X having been written by Christina Aguilera are about as good as the odds of us attending this show.

Christina Aguilera’s residency won’t just be immersive, it will also feature augmented reality.

The residency begins Dec. 30 and 31, 2023, with more dates to be announced Oct. 13, 2023. Watch the Voltaire Web site.

Kylie Minogue recently announced a 20-show residency for the Voltaire space, which, to pretty much everyone’s surprise, broke the Internet.

Voltaire’s official name is Voltaire Belle de Nuit, a French term which roughly translates as “a place for divas to make a shit-ton of cash.”

Voltaire has a capacity of about 1,000, so it’s a perfect “intimate” space for those who aren’t exactly Adele, all due respect.

Here’s more about Voltaire, “Voltaire is the uniquely inspired vision of producer Michael Gruber: an interactive night out with some of the world’s biggest superstars in an intimate, 1,000-seat setting where anything can happen and no two evenings are the same. Voltaire is the pregame, main event, and late-night after party rolled into one—an experience currently unmatched in Las Vegas that unlocks a new evening out that is elevated, transformative, but most of all, fun.”

Yes, Voltaire uses the phrase “world’s biggest superstars” rather liberally here, but you get the picture.

It’s all a little confusing, because shows actually seem to take place inside the Amber Lounge at Voltaire Belle de Nuit at Venetian. There are other Amber Lounges, apparently, and it’s unclear if the name was inspired by the alerts or what mosquitos were preserved in prior to becoming dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park.”

We feel the need to share Voltaire’s dress code policy: “The dress code for Voltaire is chic and elegant. We want you to look your best and feel confident in our exclusive venue. Upscale, fashionable cocktail or business casual attire required. The following attire is prohibited: No torn, cut-off, baggy attire, or stained clothing. No offensive prints. No tank tops, chains, swimwear, or robes/towels. No shorts. No athletic wear, including but not limited to, gym shorts, sweatpants, hats, etc. No work boots or sandals. Management reserves all rights to respectfully decline entry if guest attire does not meet a minimum acceptable standard.”

Now, you know one of the main reasons we won’t be attending this show, second only to Christina Aguilera’s singing.

Christina Aguilera has given Las Vegas mixed messages in the past. In a 2018 interview, she told Entertainment Weekly, “I’ve never been a Vegas-y kind of girl [laughs].”

She had a sudden change of heart when she performed at the Zappos Theater (recently rebranded to the Bakkt, pronounced “backed,” Theater) at Planet Hollywood in 2019.

About the only thing we recall about Aguilera’s previous residency is there was a technical gaff and her show dates were released prematurely. If you know this blog at all, you know damn well what joke we wrote.

Oh, and she donated $1 from every ticket sold during her Planet Hollywood residency to The Shade Tree, a local shelter for abused women and children. Ugh, now, we can’t be as snarky.

Everyone comes to Las Vegas, eventually. Hint: It’s the money.

Christina Aguilera may be polarizing (she’s been on the receiving of high-profile jabs by Britney Spears, Pink and Eminem, among many others), but there’s something for everyone in Las Vegas.

Thoughts and prayers to anyone working with or around her at Voltaire. Here’s the Shade Tree Web site, just in case.


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