What is happening with missing people in Israel?


After the Hamas Group threw a unprecedented attack on Israeli territory and that he Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war not only hundreds of dead and thousands injured. Additionally, a substantial increase was reported missing persons and possible kidnappings allegedly perpetrated by Hamas in Gaza.

In fact, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused through his official account of platform that during the last 36 hourshe Hamas Group took both prisoners children and women alike. Additionally, different families shared hundreds of photos of their loved ones on social media with the intention of finding them after the uprising. conflict.

What cases of disappearance or kidnapping have been recorded in Israel?

Although there are so far no definitive figures on suspected cases of disappearances or kidnappings, there Italian MP Lia Quartapelle made public on his X account, a series of photographs and the names of possible people who had been hostages of the Hamas group. We see that in most situations, it is a question of girls, adolescents and young women.

“There are many women and girls among the hostages in the hands of Hamas. I do not want to imagine what they are going through. For them, for their families, a deeply shared thought,” wrote the Italian official.

In fact, the official account of X del State of Israel shared some cases of people whose whereabouts are unknown. Among these unfortunate stories is that of a mother who was kidnapped with her two little daughters and who currently finds herself as Hamas hostages. While something similar would have happened to an entire family when Shiri along with her parents, husband and children were reportedly kidnapped.

What happened to the Mexicans kidnapped in the middle of the conflict between Israel and Palestine?

Unfortunately, from disappearance of people due to the conflict between Israel and PalestineThey were also victims foreign people. Alicia Barcenahead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), reported that the Embassy of Mexico in Israel communicated that A Mexican woman and a Mexican man were reportedly taken hostage by the Hamas group. So far, the relevant authorities are providing support to the families of the two men.

“We have been informed that a Mexican woman and a Mexican man were taken hostage by the Hamas group in Gaza this Saturday. We are in contact with the Israeli authorities and their families to provide them with follow-up, support and attention. “, said the Chancellor.


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