50 Free Botanical Garden Vintage Flower Illustrations


Download my collection of botanical garden illustrations for free to add vintage flower graphics to your artwork. These kinds of botanical drawings are commonly used as poster prints, home decor and rustic card & invitation designs. Usually vintage illustrations like this are sourced from antique prints, but I harnessed the cutting-edge power of AI technology to generate these floral illustrations from scratch. By giving prompts to replicate the style of those original botanical illustrations from centuries past, these computer-generated graphics have similar colours, compositions and detailed shading styles. Just don’t rely on them to identify any plant species!

50 Free Botanical Garden Vintage Flower Illustrations

These 50 botanical garden illustrations are supplied as a versatile JPEG image with sizes ranging from 1200-2200px. Each one features a unique drawing of flowers and plants in a range of colours and compositions. Combine them with old paper textures for a true vintage look by setting the blend mode to Darken or Multiply to make the white background transparent.

Download My 50 FREE Botanical Garden Illustrations

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