A complete Content Design intro to using ChatGPT for UX copy | by Ben Davies-Romano | Nov, 2023


We know what you are all thinking: “Not another AI article”, right?

Well, this one is a little bit different and a lot more tangible. Grab a quintuple shot of espresso, we hope there’ll be some insights and inspiration for you. ❤️

As Content Designers supporting many teams in a huge company, we know that many people are responsible for writing UX content beyond just us. And indeed, we know that a lot of you out there don’t have access to a writer or a content designer in the first place. But this doesn’t mean that your words are not important, or have any less of an impact on your product’s UX.

Our aim here is to empower you all in using GenAI, specifically ChatGPT, to get the words done, at least to a level that is good enough from a UX perspective.

It’s important to clarify here: AI cannot replace the entire skillset of a content designer. There are worries from some at the minute that this is going to happen, and while management in some companies may mistakenly think that this is the case, it is not. AI is limited and always will be limited.

That being said, while it can’t produce reams of stunning and flawless microcopy, it can help you get “good enough” words. (That’s right — “good enough” is our standard when using AI, not “perfect”.)

Let’s kick things off with our main takeaway…

Obviously. We just want to re-emphasise this.

An illustration of a wooden workbench with some metal tools on and around it.
AI’s interpretation of “a hammer”………

There are many different types of GenAI tools for generating visuals, video, copy — and the list goes on. The point is, we’re increasingly seeing GenAI used by different people throughout the design process.


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