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Angular first launched in 2016 as a way to help developers build modern web applications. Throughout its history, Angular has made millions of developers successful.

Over the past several releases, we’ve focused on improving performance and developer experience on the modern web. Our momentum includes a revamp of Angular’s reactivity system, SSR, and dozens of additional features.

Later this week, we will release Angular v17, including deferred views, built-in control flow, view transitions API support, SSR enhancements and more. This renaissance deserves a modern identity that represent the velocity and stability our team is committed to.

Today, we are excited to launch — the future home for Angular developers.

Screen recording of homepage animation of a new colorful logo with an A in a gradient of pink, purple and red

New docs… who this? will be the new site, domain and home for Angular development. Today’s launch includes new tutorials, updated documentation and guidance that will help developers build with Angular’s latest features.

In the coming months, we will continue to collect feedback and improve the site, with a ton of enhancements planned. will continue to be supported as a legacy resource for documentation through v17, and to ensure all old links remain functional. In v18, after collecting feedback and continuing to stabilize the site, we plan to make the official home for all Angular development.

A cornerstone of the new docs is our embedded tutorials, a new way to learn Angular directly in your browser. Written with WebContainers, our tutorials now offer bite-sized steps with side-by-side running code examples to learn (or come back to 😉) Angular’s core concepts.

Introducing — a new way to learn Angular concepts directly in your browser.

Screenshot of the new Angular tutorial:

Today our new tutorials include two ways to get started with Angular:

And you may have noticed, we didn’t stop at Tutorials…

Introducing — a playground for exploring the latest Angular concepts, directly in your browser.

Screenshot of an Angle game written in the Angular playground:

Start with “Hello World”, or select one of our templates and explore our newest features, including Control Flow, Signals, and more. We’ve even included a mini-game inspired by v17’s launch — how @Angular are you? teaches modern Angular development from the start.

Some highlights include:

Our team remains committed to stability and backward compatibility, cornerstones of the framework’s reliability. We have updated guides on Keeping up-to-date and NgModules to ensure is helpful for all teams. In the future, we plan to build into, and continue to improve the documentation to further represent the latest best practices and recommendations. is a production app using the same v17 technologies its guides recommend — Standalone APIs, Angular Signals, prerendering, hydration, SSR/SSG, View Transitions in the router, control flow, deferred views, and the new application builder with ESBuild and Vite. We’ve also been using the app to test future Angular solutions like zoneless hydration. Our team believes in the power of open source.

Today, we are open sourcing the site so that developers can learn from and contribute to the repository.

Can I contribute?

✨ Yes please! ✨ We would love your help in improving our new site.

With the launch of a brand new site of this scale, our team expects many bugs and opportunities to improve the site and its documentation. If you’re curious about open source, this is a great project to start.

If you have suggestions, bug reports, or documentation/feature requests, please open an issue on GitHub.

Ready to contribute? Checkout our guidelines for how to get started, or click the pencil icon in the docs pages to suggest an edit in GitHub directly. Please note this will only be functional once our PR to open source the site is merged.

Our team will continue to work in open source to improve the site for v18. Our primary focus is improving the embedded playground stability, and our new reference infrastructure.

In the future, we will also build additional guides and a robust cookbook of tutorials, taking advantage of our new embedded playground. We also see an opportunity to create tutorials written to help map concepts from other web frameworks to Angular concepts. 😉

Read more about our current priorities in our public roadmap. We’re excited to continue building!

The domain isn’t the only thing new about…

Today, we’re also releasing the new Angular logo and brand.


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