Protractor Deprecation Update August 2023 | by Mark Thompson (@marktechson)


Logos for e2e testing solutions suppported by Angular
Logos for e2e testing solutions suppported by Angular

At the end of this August 2023 Protractor will officially have reached the end of long term support and will transition to End of Life in September of 2023. We announced this change in August of 2022.

Please review the Angular deprecation guidelines for more details on how the Angular team handles deprecations of APIs and features.

Here are some common questions teams may have about this transition:

  • Will the project receive critical security and compatibility fixes through the community or the Angular team at Google?
    No, there will no longer be updates from either of these sources.
  • Will the Protractor website remain online?
    Yes, the website will remain online for the foreseeable future.
  • I haven’t migrated my project yet, can I continue to use Protractor?
    Yes, the packages will remain accessible on GitHub, npm, Bower, and Release archive for the foreseeable future.
  • What alternatives are there to Protractor?
    There are several end-to-end testing tools with direct integrations for the Angular CLI and even supported migration paths for existing Protractor tests.
  • Cypress
    Install: `ng add @cypress/schematic`
    Protractor migration documentation
  • Nightwatch
    Install: `ng add @nightwatch/schematics`
    Protractor migration documentation
  • Puppeteer
    `ng add @puppeteer/ng-schematics`
    Protractor migration documentation
  • WebDriverIO
    Install: `ng add @wdio/schematics`
    Protractor migration documentation
  • Will there be any other version of Protractor available for me or my team to use after the EOL in September 2023?
    Yes, the team at HeroDevs is committed to secure free access to their Never Ending Support For Protractor product for the entire community through August 2024, after which commercial licenses will be available to those who continue to depend on the value that existing Protractor tests provide.

We are still very proud of the work that went into Protractor and how many developers it served in building robust web apps for their end-users. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the project.

The Angular team will be focused on delivering high-impact projects that serve developers and enable them to build and deliver apps with confidence.

Until the next time, go build great apps.


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