Israel-Palestine War LIVE: War with Hamas ‘will be long’, says Israeli military spokesman


In the latest developments of the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Israeli military has expressed its anticipation of a prolonged conflict with the Hamas militant group. The military spokesman emphasized that the ongoing war with Hamas is expected to be lengthy, highlighting the challenges and complexities faced in the region.

The statement comes amid intensified hostilities between Israeli forces and Hamas, with both sides engaged in a series of confrontations. The conflict has led to a significant toll on civilians and infrastructure, drawing international attention and concern.

Israeli military sources suggest that the extended duration of the conflict is attributed to the complex nature of the geopolitical situation, the longstanding historical tensions, and the specific tactics employed by Hamas. The military spokesman reiterated that the responsibility for the duration and consequences of the conflict lies with the actions and strategies employed by the Hamas organization.

As the situation unfolds, the international community continues to closely monitor developments in the region, with diplomatic efforts underway to address the ongoing crisis. The toll on civilian lives and the broader implications of the conflict on regional stability remain key concerns as both sides navigate a challenging and uncertain path in the pursuit of their respective objectives.


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