Planning a sudden international trip or confronted with an immediate overseas travel obligation can sometimes mean your passport is not ready for the journey. In such scenarios, passport expediting services become a lifesaver. But, one crucial question looms large – how much does it cost to expedite a passport? This article explores the costs involved in expedited passport services and what your money pays for in this process.

Standard Versus Expedited: A Timeline Comparison

In the realm of passport applications, timing is everything, and knowing the typical timeframes involved in standard and expedited passport services can help you plan effectively. Let’s break down these timelines.

Standard Passport Processing Time

Under normal circumstances, the processing time for a regular passport application, from the moment your application is received to when your new passport is mailed out to you, ranges between 10 to 13 weeks. This includes both the processing time and the mailing time. However, it’s important to remember that these times are averages and can be affected by peak travel seasons or unforeseen circumstances.

Expedited Passport Processing Time

If you need your passport sooner than the standard processing time, the expedited service is the way to go. When you pay the additional fee for this service, the processing time is cut down considerably. The expedited service can process your application in about 7 to 9 weeks.

For even faster service, if you have imminent travel plans within 2-3 weeks, or in case of a life-or-death emergency, you can opt for an urgent expedited service. This allows for processing and delivery of your passport within 72 hours. However, this service is only available if you can show your plane tickets as proof for your urgent needs.

While these timelines provide a general guideline, they can vary based on application volume and other factors. Always apply as far ahead as possible to ensure you have your passport in hand before your planned departure date.

Regular Passport Application Fees

To comprehend the charges associated with expedited services, it’s essential first to understand the standard fees for different passport types. As of 2023, the following costs apply:

●        Passport Book for Adults: $130

●        Passport Card for Adults: $30

●        Combined Passport Book and Card for Adults: $160

●        Passport Book for Children (under 16): $100

●        Passport Card for Children (under 16): $15

●        Combined Passport Book and Card for Children (under 16): $115

Keep in mind, these are the basic fees and do not include any expedited processing costs.

Expedited Processing Fee

The U.S. Department of State imposes an extra charge for expedited services. This charge comes over and above the basic fee for your passport book or card. As per 2023 standards, the expedite fee is an additional $60.

Note that this fee applies per person. For instance, if a family of four requires expedited passports, they would need to pay $240 to expedite all four applications.

Other Costs to Keep in Mind

When calculating how much to expedite a passport, one must not overlook various additional costs. These include:

●        Delivery Charges: Opting for overnight delivery of your application means additional shipping costs. Including a prepaid express mail envelope for the return of your new passport can expedite the process, but this will also incur an additional cost.

●        Execution (Acceptance) Fee: For first-time passport applications, there’s a standalone execution fee, covering the Passport Acceptance Agent’s services which verifies your documents and oversees your signature. This fee is $35.

●        Charges for Emergency Expedited Services: For immediate travel plans (within 2-3 weeks) or life-or-death emergencies, one can avail of urgent expedited service, which can process an application in as little as 72 hours. This service includes a fee of $17.56 for 1–2-day delivery. If you choose to pick up your passport the next day, then it’s free of charge.

●        Passport Expediting Companies: Private passport expediting companies can charge their own fees if you choose to use their services. These fees can vary significantly based on the company and the urgency of your need. 

●        Passport Appointment Companies: Passport Appointment Nabber can help you get an appointment at a passport acceptance facility faster. They charge a $39 fee to find and book you an appointment that fits your schedule.

Is Cost Reduction Possible?

Sadly, if you require a quick passport, both the expedited service fee and the passport application fee are unavoidable. However, there are certain ways to potentially trim costs:

●        Limiting Shipping Expenses: Use a suitably sized envelope and sidestep needless add-ons that can elevate shipping costs.

●        Avoiding Private Expediting Services: Unless you’re hard-pressed for time, applying directly through the Department of State and evading the supplementary fees charged by private firms can save money.

Understanding the costs tied to obtaining an expedited passport can help you navigate your budget more efficiently while ensuring you receive your passport in time for your travel. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that holding a valid passport is an invaluable advantage, allowing you the liberty to embark on global adventures or handle urgent international affairs. Here’s to seamless journeys!


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