IDF’s Daring Night Operation Unveiled! Hamas Command Centers Infiltrated | Hezbollah Escalates Threat


In this breaking update on the Gaza-Israel conflict, learn about the IDF’s bold and cinematic undercover operation conducted on Day 29 of the war. IDF Fighters executed a daring mission in the refugee camps of Jabalia and Beit Hanoun, infiltrating multiple Hamas command centers. Under the cover of night, IDF soldiers, concealed within tank forces, initiated strategic fire on known locations and exit points of terror tunnels, compelling terrorists to seek refuge in their command positions.

As the IDF entered these command stations, Hamas militants were shocked to find waiting Israeli soldiers. The IDF successfully neutralized many terrorists and unearthed valuable intelligence, including maps and plans outlining Hamas’ intentions to target Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip. The IDF is actively widening a corridor in the center of Gaza to ensure a constant supply line for its troops and establishing long-term positions within the Palestinian enclave.

The video also sheds light on an alarming incident where Hamas, in an extreme move, utilized an ambulance meant for wounded civilians to carry out attacks on IDF soldiers. Quick identification by the soldiers led to the neutralization of the terrorists. Meanwhile, the Hezbollah threat intensifies, with Iranian forces supplying Lebanon, sponsored by Iran, with ammunition, rockets, and additional forces to escalate the conflict against Israel.

This update reinforces that the war is evolving, and new revelations about enemy plans surface daily. Viewers are urged to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the safety of Israeli soldiers, and to join the effort in spreading the truth about the ongoing conflict in the region. Stay informed on the latest developments in this dynamic and unfolding situation.


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