Israel says video from under a Gaza hospital shows a Hamas bunker


In the basement of the hospital, as depicted in a video released by the Israeli military, it is asserted that Hamas utilized the Al TC Hospital as a command center and for hostage-taking. The footage reveals explosives, Kalashnikov rifles, women’s clothing, ropes, baby bottles, diapers, and curtains arranged on a wall—raising suspicions of hostage filming. CBC News has not verified the video. Five days prior, Alen Hospital, previously filled with pediatric patients, including those undergoing cancer treatment, allegedly faced supply shortages amid the surrounding conflict.

Israel alleges that Hamas exploited vulnerable patients for cover, asserting the discovery of a 20-meter-deep covert tunnel near the hospital. This tactic is condemned as Hamas allegedly turns hospitals into shields and terror hubs. Israel claims a similar scenario under Elifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest, amid intense fighting, endangering patients. The hospital director reported the shutdown of a generator, leading to the deaths of premature babies and endangering others lacking oxygen and incubators. Israel accuses Hamas of hindering patient evacuations.

Dr. Mustafa Baruti, affiliated with the Palestinian National Initiative, questions the proximity of alleged tunnels, emphasizing that even if true, it doesn’t justify bombing hospitals and harming children. Amid the conflict, the UN notes thousands killed, many traumatized. International pressure mounts for a temporary ceasefire to protect hospitals.

Efforts to negotiate a hostage release are underway, with the U.S. president acknowledging these initiatives. Hamas expresses willingness to release 70 hostages in exchange for a 5-day truce. Israel insists on hostage release before considering a ceasefire. Reporting from Jerusalem, this is Bri St.


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