Evacuation of Premature Babies from Gaza to Egypt: Images Capture the Crossing


Recent reports depict a poignant scene as ambulances carrying premature Palestinian babies were photographed crossing into Egypt through the Rafah border crossing from al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Images released by the Palestine Red Crescent Society showcase the meticulous preparations made for the transportation of the babies. Egypt’s Qahera news channel has also shared pictures of four ambulances on the Egyptian side of the border, symbolizing the safe passage of the infants.

Out of the 31 babies evacuated from al-Shifa hospital, three infants opted to remain in Gaza for “personal reasons,” as expressed by their families. Additionally, one baby’s identity remains undisclosed. According to a medical spokesperson cited by the BBC, the babies who stayed in Gaza are reported to be in stable condition.

The evacuation mission was a response to the critical situation arising after al-Shifa hospital faced fuel shortages for its incubators. This humanitarian effort, led by the World Health Organization, aimed to safeguard the lives of these vulnerable premature babies.


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