Israeli Military Alleges Hamas Hostage Transport at al-Shifa; Premature Babies Evacuated to Egypt


On October 7, Israel’s military released footage claiming to depict Hamas members forcibly moving hostages through al-Shifa Hospital. According to Israel, the video serves as evidence that Hamas utilized the hospital as “terrorist infrastructure” on the day of a supposed massacre. In response, a Hamas official argued that providing medical treatment to prisoners is advantageous for them, asserting that some individuals had been injured by Israeli airstrikes. The Washington Post could not independently verify the timing or identity of the individuals in the videos.

In northern Gaza, the director of Indonesian Hospital reported that the facility was bombarded early Monday, with Israeli tanks surrounding the hospital. As of now, the Israel Defense Forces have not responded to requests for comment. Israel continues to claim that Hamas uses hospitals as covers for its activities and infrastructure, an assertion vehemently denied by Hamas and medical professionals.

Amidst these developments, an evacuation mission led by the World Health Organization successfully transported at least 26 premature Palestinian babies, at risk of death due to the depletion of fuel for their incubators at Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, to Egypt.


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