A Hamas document has been circulating in Israeli intelligence for several months ​​


The Israelis might not have been aware that a terrorist attack like the one on October 7th was being prepared by Hamas: Decryption.

Was Hamas’ October 7 incursion into Israel and the tragedy that followed avoidable? A year ago, Israeli intelligence chiefs had a report on their desk. Its name: the Wall of Jericho, 40 pages describing Hamas’s attack plan, which is in every way similar to October 7th. Rocket fire, drones, fighters on paragliders or motorcycles, the Israelis read it and don’t believe it.

According to an official, the threat did not exist

The report describes Hamas’ training, including learning to fly a motorized paraglider. However, an official writes that the threat still does not exist. Only one analyst, a woman, contradicts him and is not heard. It is unclear whether the Israeli prime minister was aware of this report.


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