Navigation patterns in mobile applications. How to make the right choice? | by Ksenia Toloknova | Dec, 2023

[ad_1] In modern applications, this type of navigation is quite commonly used, if not always. Currently, this is the primary navigation method in mobile applications. Depending on the guideline, it is called differently — Tab bar in Human Interface guidelines (HIG) and Navigation bar in Material guidelines version 3 (M3). Here are a few reasons […]

Israel-Hamas conflict: Fighting rages in Gaza’s south

[ad_1] Fighting in Southern Gaza: Intense day and night conflicts reported in southern Gaza, particularly in Rafa. Humanitarian Crisis: Chaos and bloodshed persist, with aid agencies like the Norwegian Refugee Council highlighting the perilous conditions faced by the people in Gaza. Family Separation: Instances of families being separated due to strikes, illustrated by an 11-year-old […]

Israel-Hamas war: Israeli govt. update on hostages, death toll, and operations

[ad_1] Hostages and Death Toll: 414 soldiers, including Major-General Reserves, Sergeant Bonsall, Sergeant Alma, and Major General Reserves Shaunie, have been confirmed dead in the conflict. The number of hostages held by Hamas is 138, including 127 Israeli citizens and 11 Nationals. Two children and ten individuals over the age of 75 are among the […]

Israel’s Arrow air defence system intercepts a long-range rocket fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen

[ad_1] In a seldom-seen visual, footage emerges depicting Israel’s Arrow air defense system successfully intercepting a long-range rocket launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen. The video captures the moment when an interceptor missile is deployed from Eilat, situated at the southern extremity of Israel along the Red Sea.Distinguished from the Iron Dome system, Arrow is […]

Israeli military plans to potentially flood Hamas tunnels with sea water

[ad_1] In scrutinizing the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) strategy, there’s a palpable disjunction between the avowed intention to safeguard civilians and the tangible outcomes unfolding on the ground. NBC News correspondent Raf Sanchez brings us the latest developments. Let’s delve into the IDF’s objectives. Is there a valid concern that inundating these tunnels with seawater […]

IDF captures suspected terrorists during heavy fighting in Gaza

[ad_1] In a recent intense operation in Gaza, the IDF successfully captured suspected terrorists. Israeli brigades, with support from the Yahalom unit, uncovered and destroyed seven Hamas tunnel shafts, eliminating dozens of terrorist targets. The 36th Division engaged in face-to-face battles with Hamas terrorists, discovering significant amounts of ammunition, charges, and weapons. During the clashes, […]

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