Israeli military plans to potentially flood Hamas tunnels with sea water


In scrutinizing the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) strategy, there’s a palpable disjunction between the avowed intention to safeguard civilians and the tangible outcomes unfolding on the ground. NBC News correspondent Raf Sanchez brings us the latest developments. Let’s delve into the IDF’s objectives. Is there a valid concern that inundating these tunnels with seawater may jeopardize hostages believed to be still within Gaza?

Reporter Raf Sanchez elucidates on the mounting apprehension, particularly among the families of hostages. There’s a deep-seated worry that Israel’s aerial bombardment of these tunnels might inadvertently lead to the loss of hostages. Now, an additional source of anxiety stems from the prospective plan to flood the tunnels with seawater. Families fear that their loved ones, still held captive inside, might be adversely affected.

The hostage count stands at approximately 130 individuals, and currently, there are no official negotiations underway for a new pause or ceasefire that could potentially result in the release of the hostages, possibly in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. The Palestinian civilian population expresses significant concern about the proposed use of seawater. The Palestinian Authority contends that such a measure could have a devastating impact on Gaza’s drinking water.

Considering that the majority of the region’s drinking water is sourced from aquifers beneath the surface, flooding these underground areas with seawater poses the risk of contaminating the already scant drinking water available to the two million civilians in Gaza. This concern adds an additional layer of complexity to an already intricate and delicate situation.


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