Day 66 unfolds in the Kamas Israel conflict, and reporting from Israel, I’m Pinto. The IDF has successfully seized control of Palestine Square in the Gaza Strip, an achievement announced by the IDF spokesperson’s unit. This square encompasses key governmental structures of Hamas and an extensive underground tunnel network stretching to the Shifa Medical Center.

The IDF is directing its efforts to the southern part of the Gaza Strip, specifically Kadel Bad and Kanun. The Israeli Air Force is intensifying its operations to pinpoint and target Hamas terrorists and installations in these strategic areas. Notably, after 24 hours of relentless combat, the IDF disrupted a vital communication route of Hamas, prompting surrenders in multiple locations.

In a surprising turn, Hamas official Abu Abeda issued a statement praising the organization’s military achievements against the IDF. He asserted that Israel failed in releasing hostages and achieving a ceasefire. However, this narrative contradicts the reality on the ground, where the IDF is gaining control over the majority of the northern Gaza Strip, with an increasing number of Hamas terrorists surrendering.

The IDF remains vigilant in the southern part of Gaza, engaging in fierce battles against fresh Hamas terrorists in the Kube neighborhood. As the IDF divides the Gaza Strip into distinct sections, each operation aims to separate and neutralize Hamas forces systematically.

While Hamas terrorists in Bia are running low on ammunition and surrendering, IDF units in the Jabalia area collaborate to eliminate remaining threats. The battle in the south is proving challenging, with casualties among IDF troops, predominantly aged 18 to 21. The IDF’s unwavering commitment is evident as they persist until Hamas is defeated and Israeli hostages are secured.

On Israel’s northern border, facing Kisala, the Israeli Air Force reportedly conducted aerial strikes in Syria. Despite claims of neutralizing the attacks, severe damage occurred near the Damascus International Airport. Tensions escalate as Kisala responds to Israel’s directive regarding targets near the border.

The IDF spokesperson’s unit released a recording of Hamas’s Communications Minister, Yu Elmi, during his investigation in Israel. Elmi revealed Hamas’s destructive impact on the Gaza Strip, blaming the organization for the destruction of infrastructure and buildings. He criticized Hamas’s leadership, highlighting their disregard for the well-being of Gazans.

The truth about the situation in Israel often gets obscured in international media. Your assistance in sharing the reality is crucial. If you have questions, research, inquire, and help amplify the truth. In this righteous fight against a terror organization, your support is invaluable. Join us in prayer, and happy Hanukkah from Israel.


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