Day 65 unfolds in the ongoing Kamas Israel conflict, and I, Y Pinto, relay developments from Israel. The skirmish in the Gaza Strip persists, and amid the Hanukkah festivities, the IDF strategically placed 800 menorahs, crafted by Israeli children evacuated from homes surrounding the Gaza Strip at the onset of the war. These unique menorahs, accompanied by heartfelt letters from the children, served as a poignant gesture to uplift the spirits of Israeli soldiers.

Over the past 24 hours and throughout the weekend, AIA forces orchestrated the transfer of numerous Hamas militants from within the Gaza Strip into Israeli custody. A noteworthy operation, this endeavor demands considerable time and resources. In the northern Gaza Strip, Hamas surprised AIA forces with a terror assault along the Gaza shoreline. Despite a substantial offensive, AIA forces, aided by the Israeli Navy, managed to repel Hamas, forcing them back into their subterranean hideouts.

Simultaneously, an IDF infantry unit named Kir is executing an operation to create a new corridor in the northern Gaza Strip. The objective is to segment the northern region, impeding Hamas from uniting and replenishing their resources. Although a formidable task, it stands as the sole method to dismantle these terrorists, dissecting and purging each segment of Gaza individually. The operation unfolds on the Salak Aladin road, the primary thoroughfare linking the northern part of Gaza to Egypt in the south. The IDF is carving corridors from the eastern side of Israel to Salak Aladin road, effectively isolating the Gaza Strip into land sections and controlling all transportation routes, thwarting Hamas’s access to ammunition and military supplies.

In the Bet Laia region, another significant Hamas hub, a group of 20 terrorists emerged from an extended subterranean stay, catching Israeli troops off guard with an attempted assault. Fatigued from their prolonged underground confinement, many surrendered, lacking the strength for a successful attack. Meanwhile, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, the IDF, in collaboration with the Israeli Air Force, targeted over 250 Hamas locations, including launch sites and ammunition depots.

Additional reports from the IDF indicate operations against a Hamas communication site adjacent to a Gaza Strip mosque. Hamas persists in operating within civilian areas, including mosques, hospitals, schools, and kindergartens, underscoring their unconventional warfare tactics. In the southern Gaza Strip, a specialized IDF unit identified and struck Hamas’s underground tunnels using precision bunker busters.

In the Kanun area, where Hamas originated, fierce clashes persist as terrorists attempt to hinder IDF forces from reaching the western side of Kanun. Despite reports of progress against Hamas positions and commanders, it’s crucial to recognize that Hamas meticulously planned this war over 14 years, utilizing Palestinian funds to construct an extensive underground terror infrastructure. The protracted nature of the conflict necessitates patience, as the IDF works to dismantle Hamas systematically.

On Israel’s southern front against the Houthis in Yemen, a French naval vessel reported thwarting a Houthi drone attack, illustrating Iran’s broader strategy of targeting allies of Israel and the United States through proxy elements like the Houthis, Hezbollah, and Hamas.

It is imperative to share the truth about the Middle East and Israel. The impact of this conflict extends beyond borders, and curbing Hamas’s influence is pivotal in preventing its spread to Europe, the United States, and beyond. Let us unite in prayer for the IDF soldiers, aged 18 to 21, risking their lives daily to defend our nation. Amid the challenges, our faith remains steadfast, and together, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


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