Families of Israeli hostages urge Evangelical leaders to tell their loved ones’ stories to the world

[ad_1] This is Kanan Lashinski reporting for All Israel News. We’re here with Joel Rosenberg and a delegation of Evangelical Christian leaders. We are set to meet with representatives and families of hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza. Our aim is to share their stories, presenting individual narratives rather than abstract numbers. The essence […]

Mike Huckabee in Kfar Aza: These sights are worse than I could have imagined

[ad_1] In the heart of Karaza, alongside Governor Mike Hakabe Shalom Shalom, I find myself for the first time. The news has reached your ears, and the videos have unfolded before your eyes, but being physically present transcends mere comprehension. The reality here is more harrowing than my imagination dared to fathom. The indescribable horrors […]

Designing for sustainability. Moving beyond corporate clichés into… | by Jonathan Ng | Dec, 2023

[ad_1] Sustainability, a term echoing through corporate corridors alongside innovation, often becomes a cliché rather than a catalyst for real change. It permeates pantries, office walkways, and meeting rooms, but not everyone grasps the depth required to drive authentic sustainability. The peril lies in corporate leaders, well-intentioned but sometimes misguided, inadvertently implementing practices that do […]

IDF expands operations to new sectors in Gaza; Israel prepares to face Houthis

[ad_1] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphatically declares that anyone thinking Israel won’t fulfill its stated war objectives is delusional. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant discloses preparations by the Navy and Air Force to counter threats to maritime shipping. Iranian proxies in Iraq launch rockets at bases housing U.S. servicemembers. Israel completes mapping the strategic […]

Israel at War – Day 77

[ad_1] In greetings from Jerusalem, this is TV 7’s Israel update. As we keep you informed from Jerusalem, it’s crucial to recall that 77 days ago, Islamist terror factions from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip initiated an aggressive assault on Southern Israel, declaring hostilities by committing a massacre. This brutal act resulted in the deaths of […]

Moment Hamas commander admits terrorists use kids to handle EXPLOSIVES

[ad_1] A Hamas commander, Mustafa Alkhair, disclosed to Israeli forces that the terror group employs children for delivering explosives and identifying IDF tanks. Alkhair, from Hamas’ Zeitun Battalion, admitted that they utilize their own children as a defensive measure in the ongoing conflict in Gaza. In an interrogation on December 8, he revealed that the […]

Alex Batty tells of his extraordinary escape in first ever interview

[ad_1] In a dramatic turn of events, teenager Alex Batty abandoned a hippy lifestyle and orchestrated “Le Great Escape” from a rented home in the French Pyrenees, driven by a deep-seated desire to embrace a more conventional teenage existence.Turning his back on his mother, Melanie (43), and grandfather, David (64), Alex embarked on a remarkable […]

Deadly Hezbollah Rocket Attack Claims Israeli Soldier’s Life, Leaves Another Seriously Injured

[ad_1] Hezbollah launched a significant rocket barrage towards northern Israel on Friday morning, resulting in the tragic death of an Israeli soldier and severe injuries to another. The attack heightened tensions as Israel cautioned that Hezbollah’s actions were jeopardizing Lebanon’s future. Approximately 20 rockets were fired from Lebanon, targeting areas near the communities of Shomera […]

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